The Glasgow Coffee Power Rankings – May ’18

The Glasgow coffee scene has grown so much over the past year. It is simply a fact that we have never had it so good before ever. We’re in a situation now where there are a handful of places that I would consider to be serving high-end modern coffee with very little separating each of them in terms of quality and consistency.

So, here is my current list ranked in the only way that matters – purely by how much I have enjoyed the coffee and nothing but the coffee alone.

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The Glasgow Coffee Power Rankings – December ’17

Was I being melodramatic last time? The Glasgow coffee scene is growing and things are starting to look up again.

I have revisited all the usual places, visited new places and yes, I’ve even been to several places that some people told me are serving “the best coffee in Glasgow”. Suffice it to say that none of these places were serving “the best coffee in Glasgow”. They certainly did not make it onto my relentlessly subjective and ludicrously unfair power rankings.

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The Glasgow Coffee Power Rankings – July ’17

When I wrote the first power rankings back in April, I was worried that the Glasgow coffee scene would not be dynamic enough to justify writing a second any time soon. I was wrong.

These rankings remain, as ever, entirely subjective and completely unfair. It is also based purely on the coffee itself without taking into account food or environment. I should also state that all attempts made by baristas to bribe me with focaccia or otherwise have been and will remain unsuccessful in compromising my integrity.

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