The Glasgow Coffee Power Rankings – December ’17

Was I being melodramatic last time? The Glasgow coffee scene is growing and things are starting to look up again.

I have revisited all the usual places, visited new places and yes, I’ve even been to several places that some people told me are serving “the best coffee in Glasgow”. Suffice it to say that none of these places were serving “the best coffee in Glasgow”. They certainly did not make it onto my relentlessly subjective and ludicrously unfair power rankings.

1. It All Started Here
[⬆︎ from 2]

Will Heenan has deserved every bit of the success he’s had this year. In my opinion, he does one thing better than anyone else does at the moment – espresso using natural processed coffee. If I were to be even more analytical about it – it’s specifically how immaculately clean his naturals always seem to taste.

Will is resolute in serving only what he likes and refuses to pander to the crowd (or use the word “balanced”). I can’t remember if I have ever seen a single “chocolate” or “hazelnut” note on the menu here… and I love it. His commitment to a weekly rotation of S-tier roasters from around the UK and Europe has made it hard to go anywhere else for a weekend coffee.

2. Buchta
[⬆︎ from 5]

Tomas is consistently making some of the best espresso in Glasgow and it annoys me that more people aren’t talking about it. What he’s doing with his unfussy setup puts some of the more flashy shops to shame. So sad then that these guys are packing it in at the end of the year and moving back to their native Czech Republic. Get a coffee from here while you still can.

3. Papercup Roastery, Belmont Lane

I love that this place is still a relatively well hidden West End hang out. It’s a lock for a good espresso and the only place in Glasgow that still flies that EKspresso flag high.

4. The Good Coffee Cartel
[New entry]

This roastery and bar opened up recently by two Avenue alumni is the real deal. The coffee is excellent already and undoubtedly will be getting better. I sincerely hope that this is the beginning of a Glasgow establishment because its just the kind of place the coffee scene here needs right now.

5. Laboratorio Espresso
[⬆︎ from 6]

Lab are still there and still making really good coffee. I love their dedication to only using coffees from hard to find high quality European roasters and serving it uncompromisingly well to a busy city centre crowd.

6. Black Pine Coffee Co.
[New entry]

Doubling down on using specialty coffee has been an encouraging sign for the evolution of this little place. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Black Pine further up the rankings in months to come as their game improves.

7. For Fika Sake
[New entry]

I had a particularly well executed cup of espresso from this place recently and shame on me for not having this place in my thoughts more often. Their commitment to one particular coffee at a time does tend to hold me back from visiting more often, though.

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