The Glasgow Coffee Power Rankings – April ’17

Here’s the problem with my power rankings – they’re unfair, completely based on my own opinions, totally affected by how often I’m going to a certain place in any given month, and not only that – nobody asked for them. Also, I know nothing about coffee.

1. Kaf

These guys opened just a couple of months ago and are killing it. There is now finally truly great coffee in the West End and consistently excellent hand brewed filter in Glasgow. Their filter alone is the reason that they are number one just now.

2. Back To Black

JW is still pulling the best shots of espresso city-wide. It’s a shame that the hand brew is off the menu, but I guess it’s just not compatible with having twenty people in the queue by 10am on a Saturday. Undoubtedly, we’ll see him in the number one spot frequently.

3. Papercup, High St.

My preferred Papercup venue. I’ve had some really well done espressos from these guys in the past couple of months. I love that they have gone all in on their consistently excellent single origins for their espressos at this smaller branch rather than using their house blend, which I’ve never been very enthusiastic about.

4. Spitfire Espresso

I love, love, love their Gunnerbean Blend roasted by Avenue and I love it just as a straight shot of espresso. It’s specifically that incredibly pleasant acidity that goes with the chocolate-hazelnut notes that does it for me. I always make sure to stop in for one if I’m passing by.

5. It All Started Here

I can’t help but think that you would be reading this further up the list if it wasn’t for the fact that WH is so elusive and my opportunities to try his coffee have been limited. However, it’s looking like things will change come May.

6. Avenue, Great Western Rd.

Does anyone know what’s happened to this branch of Avenue? Their filter coffee is dependably good and its just a nice space to be drinking coffee in.

7. Laboratorio Espresso

Props to these guys for sourcing their coffee from some great European roasters and making it available to the coffee nerds of Glasgow. Good coffee.

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