Place: Hazel & Hershey / Central, Hong Kong
Coffee: Hazel & Hershey / Ethiopia / Sidamo / Dimtu
Variety: Heirloom / Natural
Drink: Espresso
Roaster notes: Apricot, wild berries, green grape, black tea.


Hazel & Hershey is exactly the kind of place I love to drink coffee in. It has all of the enthusiasm for coffee and none of the pretence. The entirety of one of its walls is lined with stuff for sale: coffee books, coffee equipment, coffee magazines, signed coffee mugs and… coffee. It was like a coffee nerd honeypot. The space itself is colourful, homely, and bright without being boringly clinical. It was surprisingly roomy inside but since I was drinking alone, there was only going to be one place for me to sit – the brew bar.

I asked for an espresso and was wisely advised to drink the shot glass of sparkling water that was served with it first. I’m a big fan of sparkling water with coffee. I liked the place a lot and knowing that they roasted their own beans, I really hoped that the coffee would be good as well. I smelt the cup. The aroma of sweet berries immediately put me at ease. This was going to be a good cup of coffee.


For me, it was ripe strawberry and lavender with every sip. It had that very obvious taste of a natural processed coffee but despite this it was super, super clean. There was very little if any acidity that I could detect, which allowed the sweetness to dominate. I’ve seldom been served an espresso that was so easy to drink and I’m sure I could have handled another two or three of the same.

I enjoyed my short visit to Hazel & Hershey and props to the friendly barista who not only pulled the incredible shot I just told you about but also indulged me in something that I crave but never get enough of… #coffeechat.


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