Place: The Cupping Room / Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Coffee: Sweet Bloom / Colombia / Huila / Timana
Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia / Washed
Drink: Melitta brewed
Roaster notes: Cola, raisin, orange, sugar cane.

After an hour and a half trek from the New Territories, requiring a light bus and no less than four colours’ worth of MTR, I had finally arrived at The Cupping Room. It has consistently been the most likely name to appear during my research of coffee places to go to in Hong Kong. What better place to start?

So, I had two coffees – a double header of washed Colombians from Huila, namely Timana and Los Naranjos. Both were roasted by Colorado’s Sweet Bloom. I’m going to tell you about the best of the two, and one of the best of the year for me – the Timana.

The initial hit of dark chocolate from my first sip gave way immediately to the unmistakable taste of cola as the coffee cooled. It was possibly the sweetest washed coffee I’ve had this year and the “sugar cane” tasting note does well to describe the juicy sweetness throughout. I may even be doing the coffee a disservice by using any other descriptor other than “cola” because it seriously just tasted like cola, but there was some muted orange acidity there as well. I really liked it.

There’s good coffee in Hong Kong, guys.


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