Gakayuini Peaberry

Place: Dear Green Cafe Project / The Briggait, Glasgow
Coffee: Dear Green / Kenya / Gakayuini Peaberry
Variety: SL28, SL34 / Washed
Drink: V60 brewed
Roaster notes: Grape, elderflower, caramel.


It would have been so easy not to have bothered. I had spent an entire day at the Edinburgh Coffee Festival the day before and it was currently the day of the Great Scottish Run. Getting into and out of the city centre was going to take a lot of effort. But it was the last day of the year for the Dear Green Cafe Project*, and it would have been a huge regret to have missed it as a coffee nerd living in Glasgow.

There were two contrasting filter options available – Kenya Gakayuini Peaberry and Colombia El Desvelado. Naturally, we asked for one of each. Both would be brewed on copper V60’s sitting on top of a stylish copper pipe dripper stand. The Colombian was great, but the Kenyan was something else altogether.

It was not your typical over-the-top, screaming-in-your-face, is-this-really-Ribena Kenyan. There was an elegance to the way the notes of lychee formed on your tongue. The taste of demerara sugar lingered after the liquid had long been ingested. Clean, precise and sweet – it was a very special cup of coffee.

It’s about time Dear Green had a permanent venue in Glasgow. Consider this a +1 from me.


* Operating from Friday to Sunday only and for just a fleeting ten weeks during the summer months.

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