Rocko Mountain Reserve

Place: Avenue / Great Western Road, Glasgow
Coffee: Avenue / Ethiopia / Yirgacheffe / Rocko Mountain Reserve
Varietal: Heirloom / Natural
Drink: Cafetiere brewed
Roaster notes: Ripe strawberry, milk chocolate, orange, floral.


I was curious to taste this coffee brewed at the very place that it had been roasted. I had already enjoyed the incredible strawberry sweetness of this Ethiopian Yirgacheffe as made by my own amateur setup at home. It had already been one of my favourite beans of the year but now it was time for the pros to show me how it was done.

I was served a cloudy, ruby-coloured drink that smelt and tasted like strawberry candy and yet there was a floral delicacy there to balance it all out. It was like they had taken the same coffee I was making at home and then somehow amplified the tasting notes by a factor of five. I thought it was interesting that they recommended it being brewed in a cafetiere but the extra body helped me imagine that I was drinking melted sweets.

It’s one of those coffees that immediately comes to mind when I want somebody to understand what specialty coffee is capable of tasting like. I think it would be hard to deny the hype after having a sip of this. It’s just so different to your typical bitter dark roast.

Undoubtedly, the cup I was served had benefitted from the grind consistency afforded by the Ditting grinder that Avenue use for their brewed coffee at the Great Western Road branch. Man, I love the look of these things. They look like astromechs. “Grinding with passion” indeed, guys.


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